We are Losing Our Country and
 You Must Stand Up to Help Stop It!
What Exactly Is 'Social Justice'?
Social justice is the complete economic equality of all members of society. While this may sound like a lofty objective, what it really means is that wealth should be collected by the government and evenly distributed to everyone. In short, social justice is communism. It is rooted in the Marxist idea that the money people make and the property they own do not rightfully belong to the people who make the money and own the property.
Social justice can be accomplished in only one way in a capitalist society -- by wealth redistribution. This is done by seizing the wealth of the greedy rich and giving it to the poor, using the government as the agent of redistribution. This is the true aim of the left's social justice agenda.
The truth is that the only "class" in the United States excluded from reaping the benefits of capitalism is the class that chooses not to participate in American society. Fueled by the rhetoric of leftists, this class sits idle, dreaming of perceived wrongs that justify its inactivity. The only exploitation in America is committed by politicians, who use stolen money to subsidize this class in exchange for votes. That is not justice -- it is criminal.
The Health Care Bill
This is Crazy!
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 Fellow Citizen,

I was once as confused and frightened as you are by what our Government is doing. It seems we are bombarded on a daily basis by one atrocity or another. We hear a brand new language every day! "Social Justice", Equalization", "Green", "Global Citizen", "One World", "New World Order." These words equal the slow but meticulous implementation of Socialism and a quick march to Marxism. As the greed of the Elite has driven them to think of us as nothing more than expendable consumers.
They want to reach into your pocket book to pay for some guy in a third world country- never mind that YOU worked for the money!!

Let me assure you there are lots of Citizen Patriots working hard every day for your Freedom. Writing letters, emailing, faxing, and making phone calls is now more important than ever! You must join us and let your voice be heard!!!

I stand for the Constitution, I am a citizen of The Untied States of America, NOT the GLOBE! MY RESPONSIBILITY BEGINS AT HOME. If you believe as I do, please join me and my fellow Patriots.
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                             Can you HEAR Us NOW?

 The Choice is Yours!
 We have some questions for those of you that are supposed to be our voice in Washington!

 1. Will you side with the People of this Country and put a stop once and for all to the Socialist Destruction of this once Great Nation?

 2. Will you abide by your oath to Defend the Constitution?

 3. Can you stand by and watch and or help this President crush the People he is supposed to protect?

 4. Can you look your children and grandchildren in the eyes and tell them you are leaving   them a better Country where they are free to pursue their dreams? Or is it a Country ruled by a Dictator?

5. Can you look your elder family members in the eyes and feel good about it when they are denied care and told its time to unblock that bed in the hospital so someone younger may have it?

6. Do you feel good about helping this Administration put the American people through Holy Hell for the past year?

7. Does your cushy job that we pay for and your perks mean that much to you, that you can let this Country fall into Socialism without blinking an eye?

8. Do you care that with all the land grabs by the Government, the shutting off of water in California and now Florida and the destructions of farming in this Country, people will not have enough food to eat?

9. Do you care that your jobs in Congress will soon not be needed. What do you think all of the Czars are for?

10. Do you care that we want MOST of you out of your offices for not stopping this?

Finally, We would like to know HOW you all sleep at night? None of us live forever. We ALL will meet our Maker one day. What will you say when you do?  If we can hang on until November, unless you choose the side of the People, most of you will be out of your jobs. We have had ENOUGH!

Can you HEAR Us NOW?

 Fellow Citizen,

Did you vote for Obama? Are you wondering now if you might have made the wrong choice? Are you confused by some of the things our government is doing? 
I know you hear some of the conspiracy theories about Obama's birthplace, that he's a Muslim, that he wants to make America into a Socialist country, and so many more - and you think that it's all just too far-fetched to be true. How could that possibly happen in America? But then there's still that little spark of doubt that makes you wonder in what direction the United States is headed. 

Here's the thing - don't just sit around and wait for your information to come from network media and hysterical bloggers! Do some research for yourself so you can make an informed decision.
For instance, why is Bill Ayers, (the man who, In 1969, co-founded the Weather Underground a self-described communist revolutionary group that conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings during the 1960s and 1970s), a featured speaker at the upcoming San Francisco Green Festival? This information comes from Wikipedia and GreenFestivals.org. It took me about 2 minutes to gather this information - it's not hidden.

The information is out there. Get informed so you can decide for yourself. If the 912ers and Tea Partyers are wrong - then they're simply wasting their time. If they are right, then there is no time to lose. If you care about the future of this country, your own future and the futures of everyone you love - then don't just sit around saying Fox news is crazy and CNN is all-knowing. Find out the facts for yourself and then be active in shaping the future you want for this country that we are so fortunate to call home.

Please join me...


Washington, D.C. - Four months after U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously declared "We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it,"a congressional panel has released the first chart illustrating the 2,801 page health care law President Obama signed into law in March. 

Developed by the Joint Economic Committee minority, led by U.S Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas and Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas, the detailed organization chart displays a bewildering array of new government agencies, regulations and mandates.  

"For Americans, as well as Congressional Democrats who didn’t bother to read the bill, this first look at the final health care law confirms what many fear, that reform morphed into a monstrosity of new bureaucracies, mandates, taxes and rationing that will drive up health care costs, hurt seniors and force our most intimate health care choices into the hands of Washington bureaucrats,"said Brady, the committee’s senior House Republican. "If this is what passes for health care reform in America, then God help us all."

Brownback, the committee’s ranking member, added, "This updated chart illustrates the overwhelming expansion of government control over health choices and the bewildering complexity facing everyone affected by this law.  It doesn’t take long to see how the recently signed health care bill causes a hugely expensive and explosive expansion of federal control over health care. Personal choices that should be between a doctor and a patient will quickly be strangled in a never ending web of bureaucracy."

Senate Steering Committee Chairman Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) called Obamacare "a bureaucratic nightmare. The Democrats’ takeover of health care creates a byzantine network of 159 new federal programs and bureaucracies to make decisions that should be between just the patient and their doctor. It should concern everyone that at the center of this regulatory web is the new CMS chief, Donald Berwick, who has championed rationing and European socialized medicine. Americans were rightly outraged that this big government bill was rushed through Congress before anyone read or fully understood the bill’s consequences. Republicans will fight to repeal this reckless takeover and to ensure health care freedom to American families."
In addition to capturing the massive expansion of government and the overwhelming complexity of new regulations and taxes, the chart portrays:

      $569 billion in higher taxes;
      $529 billion in cuts to Medicare;
      swelling of the ranks of Medicaid by 16 million;
      17 major insurance mandates; and
      the creation of two new bureaucracies with powers to impose future rationing: the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute and the Independent Payments Advisory Board.

Brady admits committee analysts could not fit the entire health care bill on one chart. "This portrays only about one-third of the complexity of the final bill. It’s actually worse than 
 PDF Download- Chart prints out small but is fairly clear and readable
Link to PDF
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