Who are "We The People"?
We are the people who do not forget
We are the 912er's and Tea Party members
On this page you will find letters submitted by people just like you and me.
Everyday citizens who have awakened to an America they do not recognize!
These letters have been written in hopes of helping people understand who 
"We the People" really are. We are simply citizens, we are your neighbors, 
we are your friends.  We are not some new form of  "enemy of the state". 
We see what they are doing to our Constitution  and to our Freedom and we are standing up to voice our opinions about it- please join us!!

These letters are meant for your use, to help educate America - please use them!!

To whom it may concern,

It has become apparent the obstacles to be overcome with this letter are extraordinary.  First, I see a preconceived bias. Please keep an open mind and try to see me first as a person and second as a 9/12 or Tea Party member.

My father was a highly decorated Viet Nam vet and patriot.  I have lived in various areas of this country.  I have seen firsthand how local economies can be affected by the smallest of government intrusions.  I have seen how families affected by what are presented as solutions; only mask worse unintended consequences for the lives they touch.

The first time I took notice of politics was when Carter had my mom waiting in a line to get gas.  I did not understand how this could become a new way of life overnight.  It made no sense and I decided to learn more of the cause that created this effect.  The most important thing I learned from this is that when things do not make sense, something is not being told.

I became interested in the term the media coined, “Reaganomics.”  I realized the connection between unemployment and so-called “taxes on the wealthy.”  Business does not pay taxes; consumers do.  Any attempt to circumvent that truth will cause unemployment.  That is as true now as it was when Reagan was cleaning up Carter’s mess, as Obama would say of Bush today as he follows an opposing philosophy.
I have been a fairly solid Republican with a few exceptions.  After the September 11 attacks, I objected to the Patriot Act because I do not trust the expiration date will ever be honored.  I am still correct on that.  I disagreed with the creation of the Department of Homeland Security because of the ATF abuses on the Branch Davidian Compound and Ruby Ridge, it was apparent to me we do not need more federal police but rather better coordination between the current departments.

The national debt had never of interest, but I was economy focused.  I paid no attention to the cost of maintaining a strong economy.  However, during the Clinton years, we had a balanced budget and a strong economy.  Because of that I wanted to examine the cause of that effect.  I found a solid Republican majority pressing its Contract with America and a distracted Democrat President going along with its suggestions in order to save what little reputation he may have left.

I learned that a small and accountable government with low taxation is far better for the people of this nation than any alternative that has ever been tried.  After studying and learning more of world politics, this truth seems to be true everywhere.  Look at Greece today.  More importantly, imagine if Greece had a Tea Party such as we have now, only five years ago.  That is why I am one of the voices you hear.  I am not a racist.  I am not violent.  I am just not silent any longer.


Who is a Tea Party Person? 

When you hear news pundits talk about the Tea Party most have no idea who we are, nor do they care. Most of us have voted over the years but have never been political activists. Most of us have never shown up to a protest in our lives and a few years ago would be embarrassed by doing so. Most of us felt that protesting was for the radicals and crazy people. The majority of us work and have families and we feel that if we play by the rules, keep our noses to the grindstone, pay our taxes and live a crime-free life we were living the American Dream. We voted in every election since we were old enough to vote and then went back to living our lives. Well, ALL of that has changed!

We are people who believe that a small Government is best. A government that lives by a balanced budget and does not overstep its bounds is a government we believe in.  One that has a strong national defense and looks out for it citizens, not rules every aspect of our lives!  We do not believe in hand-outs or that Government should take care of us. We take pride in taking care of ourselves.

We are awake now ONLY because our Government is now totally out of control!  We see our Government spending us into oblivion with no end in sight. We see our Government taking over the private sector and now controlling 51% of our economy! This is Socialism and this is NOT how our country was founded. We KNOW that this kind of governing is unsustainable. 

We have been ridiculed because we oppose the massive expansion of Government. We are called terrorists, militias, nazis and teabaggers. THIS is insulting to us who have lived by the rules all of our lives and frankly, it is sickening!  And you wonder why we are angry!  The more you paint us as something we are not the larger the Tea Party grows and the louder we become. We know both parties have led us down this path to ruin for our Country.  What part of YOU WORK FOR US do you not understand? We elected you and you betray us. 

We will not sit down, we will not shut up, we will keep protesting because voicing our opposition to your policies that run contrary to our founding will not be tolerated no matter what you try to do to us.

If you had not been so arrogant and tried to move so fast on Socialism, maybe we would all still be asleep.  That is no longer the case. 


A Tea Party Activist: A Personal Anatomy of an American Little Guy 

Why do politicians and elitists have the contentious view of average Americans as the little people?  As a little guy, my life has been filled with a richness that no amount of power can ever take away from me and no amount of wealth could ever purchase.  This little guy has lived the American way, free to fail and free to succeed and I have done both, many times. 

I was born three miles from where I currently live just over 47 years ago.   When I tell people this I also add, jokingly, “I haven’t made it very far in life, have I?” The truth is, in that three miles; there is a journey that covers thousands of miles.  I have lived in five different states and visited at one time or another 22 more.  I have traveled to 5 foreign countries, a British Indian Ocean Territory, and one U.S. territory.

Last year, I was listed in a Department of Homeland Security memo as a possible domestic terrorist threat.  That’s right.  I am a former Marine infantryman.  I served proudly with men from Alpha Co., 1st Bn., 6th Marine Regiment, in the 1980’s.  I was honorably discharged in 1988.  President Ronald Reagan was my Commander-in-Chief.  The men I served with became my brothers.  About 40% of us were white, 30% black, and 30% Hispanic.  There was no such thing as a white or brown or black Marine, we were all green Marines and we relied on each other heavily, everyday.  I took an oath that requires me to defend the US and the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.  That oath did not dissolve with the end of my military service.   As a Tea Party activist and ex-military man I am accused of being a domestic threat and a racist hate monger by you “Elite”?  I am just one of a giant multitude of little guys and gals that make up WE THE PEOPLE in the Constitution that I have sworn to defend but that you have decided to destroy. 

The Tea Party movement is THE PEOPLE, the little guys and gals allover America, it encompasses every ethnicity and race, much like America and the military in general.

Racism is something that I deplore and resent being accused of by anybody.  When I was about 9-10 years old, I had an experience involving racism that changed my life.  At that point in my life I had a few relatives that would use the N word in a derogatory way that I had picked up on.  I was with my dad and one of my sisters down town.  My dad had gone into a department store and my sister and I waited in the car with the windows down and we started fighting.  Angry with her, I for some unknown reason yelled at the top of my lungs, “N***er!”  There was an elderly black man walking by who couldn’t help but hear me.  He turned and looked at me and in his eyes…..I saw something I had never seen before, the evil of the racism that he had probably experienced in his lifetime.  The look in his eyes shook me to my core and I cowered in shame.  He looked down, shook his head and walked away.  I learned what racism was that day, pure evil and hate.  That was about 37 years ago.  Yep, racism is pure evil and it lives today and it is not unique to any one race or group.  You elites use racism as your most powerful weapon; you shut down free speech with the mere mention of it, while you manipulate minorities with lies continually.  Well, the multitudes of the Tea Party little guys and myself, in particular, are on to your politically correct baloney.   We will not be shut down, be shut up or go away.

I have cried as an adult on very few occasions, on June 11th, 2004, I cried for a great man I had admired from afar for so many years.  I cried that day for a man who was filled with so much inspiration and love for America.  I cried that day for a man who at one time was my Commander-in-Chief when I was a young Marine.  I cried for President Ronald Reagan as I watched his State Funeral on TV.  I cried for a true hero of America.  I cry and mourn now as I see my country and glorious republic being transformed and changed against the will of the little guy. 

Our founding fathers understood the importance of the little guy. To you elites, the little guy is of no consequence; our importance is a concept that escapes you. I along with my fellow Tea Party members, a movement comprised of little guys, will continue to fight to save the American way of life, the American that I have sworn to protect.

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 Who is a Tea Party person?  A Tea Party person is one who loves their Country, loves freedom and liberty.   They are normally law-abiding citizens who pay their taxes, have integrity, a sense of honor, are peaceful and respect others.  They do not want government interfering in their personal lives. 


I am one of those people.  Being one of the first Baby Boomers, I was taught the “real” history of this great and wonderful Country and how our Founding Fathers created the U. S. Constitution.  I learned and memorized the Declaration of Independence and was taught about the Bill of Rights.  I am, and always have been one of “We The People”.  Unfortunately for me, I trusted the officials I voted for to represent me and my rights.   And, unfortunately, many American citizens felt as I did.  

Fortunately for you, most of our attitudes towards our government lasted for a very long time.  And now, sadly for you, IT IS OVER!   Therefore, a Tea Party person is “We The People”.   In 2008, “We The People” were duped!   And starting on January 20, 2009, a “sleeping giant” was awakened.   Since that time, we have witnessed lying, deceit, corruption and crime in our government that we never dreamed would happen.   Now that we are fully awake and speaking out – which is our God-given right to do – we are being called racists, extremists and “Astroturf” plus many more insulting names.  More offensive that the name-calling, we have been totally ignored by our “elected” governmental officials!

What is painfully obvious is that “our” government officials are unwilling to abide by the Golden Rule.  Our government officials are unwilling to learn - or simply ignore that “one does not bite the hand that feeds it”.   As a result of our government officials’ reckless actions since January, 2009, the Tea Party, i.e., We The People, are going to change OUR government officials.   Republicans, Democrats and Independents currently in office are NOT secure in their offices.

We are aware that OUR changes to OUR government will not take place in one election.   We The People are patient people.  We will wait until OUR government exists “OF the People, BY the People and For the People”. 

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Our elected government officials appear to have forgotten the above statement.  We The People will NEVER forget it.  We will NEVER give up until our elected government officials respect and adhere to it.

I am not a racist.  I am not violent.  I will NO LONGER be SILENT.

 We the People will never forget!

 A Proud 912 Project and Tea Party Website