I.I.L.L. #1

Sir or Madam,

ILLEGAL= not according to or authorized by law : UNLAWFUL, ILLICIT; also : not sanctioned by official rules 

LEGAL= of or relating to law deriving authority from or founded on law : DE JURE b : having a formal status derived from law often without a basis in actual fact : TITULAR <a corporation is a legal but not a real person> c :established by law; especially : STATUTORY conforming to or permitted by law or established rules
recognized or made effective by a court of law as distinguished from a court of equity
of, relating to, or having the characteristics of the profession of law or of one of its members
created by the constructions of the law <a legal fiction>

I have included the definitions for illegal and legal since it appears you have forgotten what those words mean.

Amnesty for illegal immigrants?  What a nice plan to insure more puppets vote for your social utopia and social justice.  Have you told these people that once they have amnesty, they will be required to pay all applicable taxes not just locally, but state and federal?   Do you think that will make them happy or more inclined to vote for you?  

I will be willing to discuss amnesty when and only when our borders are closed and secure!   If the borders are not closed and secure, then a flood of people will come into this country, ILLEGALLY because they know they can and there are no consequences for breaking the law!

We are also sickened by the actions of our Federal Government with regards to the State of Arizona.  The border States have been begging for help to secure the border. Criminal activity, drug smuggling, human smuggling are out of control at the border. We stand with Arizona! DO YOUR JOB and secure our Borders! 

I was raised to believe we were a country that used the rule of law!   I was raised to believe that breaking the law was unacceptable behavior and came with consequences. How does granting amnesty to someone here illegally show that we are a country that believes in the rule of law?  These people are breaking the law and must be sent back to their own countries.   After the borders are closed and secure, then these people are more than welcome to come back to this country in a legal manner, following our laws and requirements for gaining entry. 

If I were to go into another country ILLEGALLY, I would be sent back to my country and/or put in jail for breaking that country's laws.  It must be the same in this country. There must be consequences for breaking the rule of law! 

We have millions of law abiding citizens and legal immigrants out of work.  I understand illegal immigrants will work for much less money per hour, but that employer is now breaking the law!  This practice is a form of slavery!   It does not empower the illegal immigrants to bring themselves up from poverty.  It keeps them in poverty and out of fear of discovery.  We need to put our own law abiding citizens and legal immigrants to work.  That means illegal immigrants must be sent home to their country.

We as a nation are bleeding much needed money in education, medical care, housing and food to people that are here ILLEGALLY!  This money must be used for our citizens and those who are here LEGALLY!  To do otherwise is cruel and unusual punishment for those who are doing the right thing.

Encouraging illegal actions do nothing but encourage law abiding people to break the rule of law.   What kind of example are you setting for our young people?   The example you are setting is that breaking the law is acceptable and has no consequences!  Then you wonder why so many people are breaking the law!   You are the one that has set the example, therefore, you are the one that must fix the problem and return our Country to one that follows the rule of law.

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 I.I.L.L. #3
Illegal Amnesty-no matter what you call it- it's illegal!

"Lawless" ... that's how Congressman Steven King (R-IA) describes Barack Obama's decision to trash and circumvent the laws that he swore to uphold by dictatorially granting backdoor amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

King specifically stated: "Congress writes the laws and the Executive Branch enforces them. For the president to have his subordinates declare and announce they're not going to enforce the law is de facto amnesty. It's essentially a de facto repealing of immigration laws; it's a lawless decision, and I am very offended by it - and we must take action. 

Mark Levin wonders – where’s the outrage!

“The President doesn’t have the power to set a policy of non enforcement that is a statute
 that is an enforcement statute!”

“We have a President who usurps congressional authority, who institutes by fiat a complete change in policy, and dealing with what is in fact citizenship in this country – because that’s what we’re talking about, nobody blinks an eye!”

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Congressman arrested outside White House during deportation protest

Democrat Luis Gutierrez, a critic of Obama's policy on illegal immigration, fined after protesting with Dream Act supporters

Reuters in Washington 
guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 27 July 2011 10.10 BST

Democratic US congressman Luis Gutierrez was arrested in front of the White House on Tuesday afternoon while protesting the deportation of illegal immigrants, a spokesman said.

Gutierrez was later released and made it back to the House of Representatives in time for the final vote of the day after paying a $100 (£60) fine, said Douglas Rivlin.

The 10th-term Illinois congressman has long worked on immigration issues, taking a prominent role in pushing the Dream Act, which would give a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants brought to the US as children. The measure has so far failed to pass Congress.

Gutierrez and about a dozen other protesters were arrested after sitting down in front of the White House, in an area where people are supposed to keep moving.

The arrests were part of a larger protest by groups that say more people have been deported under Barack Obama's watch than under any other president.

"The president says Republicans are blocking immigration reform and he's right, but it doesn't get him off the hook. Everyone knows he has the power to stop deporting 'dreamers' and others with deep roots in the US and we think he should use it," Gutierrez said in a statement released after his arrest.

The Obama administration has said that while it supports the Dream Act and other reforms, the deportations are in accordance with existing law.

In May 2010, Gutierrez was also arrested at the White House during another immigration protest.


Implementing the DREAM Act, Piece by Piece     

There is virtually no chance the DREAM Act will become law in the current Congress. The bill, which would provide conditional US residency to undocumented high school graduates who are pursuing either a college degree or a military career, died in the last Congress—before Republicans took control of more seats in both chambers. The new Republican House of Representatives would sooner pass a bill rescinding citizenship to children of undocumented immigrants, rather than extending it to anyone.

But the Obama administration is doing what it can to implement the DREAM Act through the back door by refusing to deport many undocumented students. It’s not nearly as effective as the comprehensive DREAM Act legislation—but it does keep talented immigrants in the country, and resembles several similar efforts in a dozen different states.

At a Senate hearing on the DREAM Act yesterday, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano explained the rationale behind a recent memo written by Immigration and Custom Enforcement director John Morton, which outlines situations where “discretion” could be used to prevent certain immigrants from being deported, including students. It specifically allows agents and attorneys to consider if a person graduated from high school or is enrolled in a higher education program.

“We simply don't receive the appropriation necessary to remove everyone who is technically removable from the United States. And so we have to set priorities,” Napolitano said. “One of the things we're working on now, is to design a process that would allow us as early as possible, to identify people who are caught up in the removal system, who in the end really don't fit our priorities or in the end, would not be removable.”

As Suzy Khimm notes at Mother Jones, the discretion outlined in the Morton memo goes much further than earlier efforts at discretion during the Clinton administration. “It’s a paradigm shift…it’s the first memo I've seen by an ICE director written in plain English so that a field officer and trial attorney can understand it,” David Leopold, an immigration attorney and president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, told Khimm. “What he's really saying is, look at the people you run across in the scope of your enforcement work as human beings, not merely as statistics and targets—have they developed ties, have they added to the social fabric and culture, do they have children that depend on them? I applaud him for that.”

Sen. John Cornyn underscored Republican opposition to the DREAM Act and similar executive actions under the Morton memo, asking Napolitano why DHS doesn’t just ask for the necessary appropriations to deport every undocumented person in the United States. Republicans like the Kansas secretary of state have similarly bashed the Morton memo as “the stealth DREAM Act,” but there’s little that Republicans can actually do to stop ICE from exercising such discretion.

Moreover, the Morton memo compliments many similar actions by states to keep talented, undocumented individuals as residents. On Friday, a law will take effect in Maryland that halves tuition rates for undocumented immigrants, and hundreds of undocumented students are expected to apply.

Republicans in Maryland are mounting a furious petition drive to delay or possibly repeal the law before it takes effect, and it appears they might be successful. If the petition signatures are valid, the law will be put up for a referendum later in the year.

But even if the law is delayed in Maryland, eleven other states have similar laws. California allows undocumented students to pay in-state tuition, and a legal challenge to that law was rejected by the Supreme Court earlier this month. Ten other states have similar policies: Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin.

These piecemeal efforts will have to do for now, and probably for the next several years--there are twenty-one Democratic Senate seats up for grabs in 2012, compared with only ten Republican seats. The passage of the DREAM Act in the current political climate is just that—a dream.


Obama issues Dream Act by executive order…press ignores
 June 21, 2011 5:05 pm ET

On Friday, the Obama administration issued a memo announcing that federal immigration officials do not have to deport illegal aliens if they are enrolled in any type of education program, if their family members have volunteered for U.S. military service, or even if they are pregnant or nursing.

This new policy of “prosecutorial discretion” was quietly announced on Friday afternoon, and completely ignored by the mainstream press.

Author of Arizona’s SB1070 and Kansas’ secretary of state, Kris Kobach, told the Daily Caller: “They’re pushing the [immigration] agents to be even more lax, to go further in not enforcing the law. At a time when millions of Americans are unemployed and looking for work, this is more bad news coming from the Obama administration… [if the administration] really cared about putting Americans back to work, it would be vigorously enforcing the law.”

Late last year, the so-called DREAM Act which would give legal residency status to millions of illegal aliens who attend college or join the military was defeated in the Senate.

Every major poll has shown that the American people are overwhelmingly opposed to the DREAM Act as well as to any other form of amnesty.

However, with Obama’s poll numbers plummeting, this use of his executive powers is seen as an obvious ploy to solidify the Latino vote in the 2012 presidential election.

Click here to view the entire memo: http://www.ice.gov/doclib/secure-communities/pdf/prosecutorial-discretion-memo.pdf


Continue reading on Examiner.com Obama issues Dream Act by executive order…press ignores - National Immigration Reform | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/immigration-reform-in-national/obama-issues-dream-act-by-executive-order-press-ignores#ixzz1Q0cjwjoi


Alabama governor signs tough new immigration law

By the CNN Wire Staff

CNN) -- Alabama's governor has signed what he billed as tough illegal immigration legislation, requiring police to check the status of anyone they suspect may be in the country illegally when stopped for another reason.

The bill, due to take effect on September 1, was signed into law by Republican Gov. Robert Bentley on Thursday.

Its passage makes Alabama the latest in a series of states, including Georgia and Arizona, to enact controversial new laws aimed at tackling illegal immigration.

Civil rights groups and the Mexican government have been quick to condemn the move.

According to a fact sheet presented by Alabama House Republicans, the bill will require law enforcement officers "to attempt to determine the immigration status of a person who they suspect is an unauthorized alien of this country".

The legislation also makes it a criminal offense to provide transport or housing to an illegal immigrant. The state will have to check the citizenship of students, and any business that knowingly employs an illegal immigrant will be penalized.

A spokesman for Bentley told CNN that the governor had signed "a tough illegal immigration law."

Republican state Rep. John Merrill told CNN he had no hesitation in backing the legislation, saying it is "good for Alabama" because it will reduce illegal immigration to the state.

He rejected suggestions the law is discriminatory, and said he is confident it was drafted in such a way that it will survive legal challenges.

The legislation is intended to "provide equal opportunities for all people who want to come to Alabama legally," he added.

But critics say it has far-reaching consequences and will have a particular impact on young people because it requires the state to check the citizenship of all those seeking to enroll in schools.

Mary Bauer, legal director of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights group, condemned what she called a very radical law, telling CNN it is "mean-spirited, racist, unconstitutional, and it is going to be costly."

She said not just illegal immigrants but also many American citizens could be impacted by the new rules.

"It makes it a crime for U.S. citizens to give people a ride if they turn out to be undocumented. It doesn't even have an exception for churches that are providing shelter or food or rides," she said.

Earlier the SPLC issued a statement saying the state stood to lose "millions more in lost tax revenue from Alabama businesses that will bear the brunt of boycotts of Alabama goods and services and lost sales to documented and undocumented immigrants who flee the state rather than deal with racial profiling and the state's anti-immigrant climate."

The Mexican government warned that the law could affect the human and civil rights of Mexicans living in or visiting the state.

Several immigrant and civil rights organizations filed a class-action lawsuit last week against a new Georgia law aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration.

That law allows police to ask about immigration status when questioning suspects in certain criminal investigations.

Meanwhile, Arizona's governor said last month she would appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court after portions of the state's new immigration law were blocked by federal courts.

The Arizona bill catapulted the issue onto the national stage last year, drawing a lawsuit from the U.S. Department of Justice, which argues that the law is unconstitutional.

Lawmakers in at least 20 states weighed similar proposals during the past year, according to the National Immigration Forum.


Harry Reid reintroduces the DREAM Act
Action from Democrats follows Obama’s call for immigration reform

By Karoun Demirjian 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 | 11:28 a.m.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid reintroduced the DREAM Act in the Senate on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after President Obama called on Congress to take steps forward on a comprehensive immigration reform bill that would put the nation’s 11 million undocumented immigrants on a pathway toward citizenship.

The DREAM Act is only one piece of the immigration puzzle, but it caters to a group of undocumented immigrants who are considered the most sympathetic: it provides a route to citizenship for current college students and military enlistees who were brought to the U.S. as dependent children, through no fault of their own.

Because it’s a fairly popular provision of the immigration bill, the DREAM Act has served both as the linchpin to hold together the diverse array of enforcement enhancements and visa expansions that collectively comprise “comprehensive immigration.” It also serves as the last and best hope to give undocumented immigrants -- and by extension, the majority of the Hispanic voting community -- some sort of victory to hang their hat on.

In the last few years though, even the DREAM Act has proven impossible to get past the Senate. Last year, Reid tried to bring it to the floor twice: the first time, pre-midterm election 2010, its fate perished with a defense authorization bill; and the second, during the lame-duck period, it fell five votes short of passing a needed filibuster-proof hurdle. The final Senate vote, 55-41, closely reflected the country’s attitude toward the legislation at the time, as captured in a Gallup poll, which found 54 percent of American citizens wanted the DREAM Act, while 42 percent did not.

The Democrat-controlled House did pass the bill last December, by a slim margin.

While Reid did not get his full caucus of 59 Democrats to support the DREAM Act last year, most Republicans who have supported the measure in years past -- such as Sens. John Cornyn of Texas, Jon Kyl of Arizona, John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina -- also withheld their votes, objecting that an independent piece of amnesty-granting legislation shouldn’t be allowed to move without some sort of counterbalance to increase immigration enforcement, which was the original concept behind the more comprehensive approaches to immigration changes.

McCain added Wednesday that he’d “also like to see them introduce legislation that also calls for a guest worker program.

Reid indicated Wednesday he’d consider attaching the DREAM Act to one workplace enforcement measure that’s expected to move through the House later this year: a measure to require all employers to use E-Verify, the government’s Internet-based work eligibility verification system.

In congressional cycles past, the loudest immigration advocates have balked at such an expansion, arguing that error rates in the system, which has been shown to be more than 99 percent accurate but depends on Social Security data that is faulty about 4 percent of the time, mean it’s not ready for a full roll-out. But Reid suggested that “it may be the vehicle we need over here to get this done.”

If that means the plan is to push for a somewhat dressed-up DREAM Act instead of a full comprehensive immigration reform bill -- for which lawmakers say there is a “chance” but don’t seem particularly convinced that the 112th Congress is the best chance -- it won’t come as a surprise, given the Democrats’ depleted majority in the Senate, and the Republican leadership in the House. While immigration has never been an issue that cleaves precisely along party lines, the bulk of its backers are Democrats.

But Reid hasn’t said when he plans to move on the DREAM Act yet.


Federal Government do your job! 

The American People would like to express outrage at the Federal Governments willful neglect and total incompetence on the issue of securing our Borders. This is unacceptable!  

The border situation is totally out of control! We have extremely serious problems that are directly related to the millions of illegals and possibly terrorists that cross our borders every year. This is a matter of National Security!

In the past few years we have seen the violence escalate just across our border with Mexico! There have been approximately 32,000 murders on the Mexican side and that violence is spilling over into the United States. 

Just recently, the American people have become aware of a program run by the ATF called Project Fast & Furious. We learned that program allowed guns to walk across the border into the hands of Drug Cartels and possibly Terrorists as well. We have also learned that those guns that were allowed to walk into the hands of Cartel members, ended up killing two of our OWN Border Patrol Agents! This is outrageous and we will not stand for this any longer. Congress must hold those responsible for this accountable. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

Billions of tax dollars are spent each year on health care, education and housing for criminal elements in the form of illegal aliens that cross our borders every year. Stopping the flow of illegal aliens across our Border would enable our Government to use those monies on our own legal citizens in the United States. 

We have a Government refusing to do their job, but willing to file lawsuits against our own State of Arizona for trying to protect its own citizens. Arizona is only doing the job that the Federal Government refuses to do.

We must ask ourselves WHY our Government refuses to do their job. It appears that our Government's refusal can only lead us to one conclusion.  The Democratic controlled Government is only worried about securing the Hispanic vote. 

We have parts of Arizona and other border states where our own citizens are warned to stay away, due to illegal activity.  The signs posted by our own Government warns of drug activities by Cartels, as well as kidnappings.  We have had our own citizens harmed by the Drug Cartels and Criminal Illegal elements that stroll across our borders and our Government turns a blind eye. Again, You have to ask yourself why.

Americans have truly had enough! We have had enough of the arrogance of this Government defying the will of the American People. They have forgotten who is really in control of this Republic. They have demonized the very people who put them in office for their own selfish gains, be it monetary or political.  

We must put the Government on notice! They must know that they will be held accountable for their neglect to hear our plea to close our Borders and DO THEIR JOBS!   Let it be known that anyone who does not Stand with the People of this Country WILL be Steam-rolled right out of town in the next election. 

This is a Promise that Americans will keep!   

              Secure Our Borders! 
Dear Representative,


It is ILLEGAL for a sitting president to try and garner votes utilizing executive power.
“Lawless" ... a word used by Congressman Steven King (R-IA) to describe Barack Obama's decision to “try to outwit and get around “ the laws that he swore to uphold by dictatorially granting amnesty through the backdoor to millions of illegal aliens. 

King specifically stated: "Congress writes the laws and the Executive Branch enforces them. For the president to have his subordinates declare and announce they're not going to enforce the law is de facto amnesty. It's essentially a de facto repealing of immigration laws; it's a lawless decision, and I am very offended by it - and we must take action." 

And Congressman King is about to do just that... Take Action! Mr. King has joined others, including Congressmen Allen West (R-FL) and Candice Miller (R-MI), in calling on Congress to initiate Congressional hearings into Obama's latest effort to evade the law and our Constitution. And it is vitally important that We The People add our voices to Mr. King's right here and right now... at this very moment to stop this usurpation of our rights to freedom and liberty.

Mr. Obama has gone too far, again. He has crossed the line, too many times, and NOW is the time for our elected officials in Congress to finally do their Constitutional duty and hold Mr. Obama and his administration accountable for his blatant and inexcusable actions. 

It's time for our Republican officials in Congress to finally grow some backbone and send Barack Obama a message that they should have sent him long ago. “You are NOT above the law, Mr. Obama. And you are NOT the law.” The time to send Obama that message is right now.
I now demand that you stand with Congressmen King, West, Miller and others and initiate immediate Congressional hearings into Obama's authoritarian backdoor amnesty declaration. Explain very clearly that Obama has gone too far too many times. Explain very clearly that Obama has abused his oath of office and that his extremes of this abuse must be exposed and stopped immediately.
How far must Obama and this administration go before our elected officials in Congress come to the realization that the 'Chicago Thugocracy' has seized unimaginable and overreaching control of the People’s government? 

Are Obama's actions lawless? ... Unconstitutional? Absolutely!

Hans von Spakovsky with the Heritage Foundation writes: "When President Obama was inaugurated, he swore an oath to 'preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.' Article II, Section 3 directs the President to 'take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.' Unfortunately, in what has become an all too common occurrence in this administration, Obama is once again bending that oath to the breaking point by specifically not taking care that immigration laws passed by Congress are faithfully executed." 

John Stahl, the chairman of the Tea Party Immigration Coalition goes even further: "No president should have the ability to circumvent law. In fact, the law says anyone giving aid and comfort to illegal aliens is in serious violation of law. People have been prosecuted under that particular law." 

Stahl went so far as to call Obama's actions an "impeachable offense." 

One thing, however, is absolutely certain: The President of the United States, through executive “power”, is in effect, aiding and abetting the most egregious unlawful activity that has occurred in these United States of America. This must STOP and STOP NOW.

As my representative of the U.S. Congress, I am seriously urging you to join with Rep. King, et al, and Co-sponsor this Congressional investigation. Place it before EVERY applicable Committee in Congress for thorough and complete investigation.

We The People are at our wit’s end with the underhanded activities that have taken place with this current administration. We EXPECT you to ACT on this and do it NOW!


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