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Czar letter

Operation Clean Sweep!

The time has come to insist our representatives hold true to their promises. The time has come to insist our Government only do the things that are in the best interest of our country and the people. The time has come to insist that the era of Big Government is over in America forever!  

 Agencies/entities to cut, defund and/or abolish!

Undo the UN
Department of Education
Letter for Impeachment

Please use the letters below to spread the word to your family, friends and neighbors. Also use them to Stamp Peeve to your Representatives in Congress. You may also email and fax them to Congress as well. Now is the time to keep the pressure on Congress if we are to remain a free Republic. 

Scroll to the bottom for the letter of Impeachment!


Dear Senator/Representative,

The American people are adding President Obama's Czars to the list of things we want our Government to cut, to save us millions of dollars and restore fiscal sanity to our Government. 

President Obama has appointed over 50 czars, many who report directly to the president, thereby circumventing the approval, scrutiny, and oversight by the Congress. The term czar has come to mean a presidential crony appointee who was never vetted by the Senate and who exercises sweeping regulatory authority without congressional oversight. 

The press began labeling certain high-level executive officials “czars” during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency. Since entering office, President Obama has received much criticism from both sides of the aisle on his ever growing bullpen of czars. Using the appointment of Czars like no other President in history, President Obama has put many radically thinking people into positions of power and control. When you read the list and what they stand for, it really shows how far to the left President Obama really is, and the agenda that he is trying to force upon America. It will take many years to reverse and undo the damages being done to this Country.  

Sen. Robert Byrd, West Virginia Democrat, had complained of President Obama’s widespread use of “czars”.

Sen. Lamar Alexander, has also spoken out against the president’s profligate use of “czars.” 

President Obama wasn't kidding when he promised to ''fundamentally transform the United States.'' He has figured out how to bypass Congress and rule us by czars and a tsunami of regulations.

It is high time that the new GOP controlled Congress hold this administration accountable on the overreach of power. It is time to add the Czars to the list of unnecessary spending by this Administration and save millions of dollars for the American People. We would like to see all the Czars cut permanently!  President Obama already has Cabinet members to do these jobs. This is yet another way to reduce the size of Government and put America's best interest at heart!  We demand Congressional Oversight of any Administration! 

EPA Letter

Dear Representative,

I am writing to you today to voice my concern about the EPA's abuse of power in our country. 

President Obama won a big victory when Democratic senators upheld the power of the Environmental Protection Agency to combat global warming by regulating greenhouse gases. 

EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson wants her agency to consider “environmental justice” before taking action. We have a president who is forcing the EPA down our throats, with job killing regulations. 

This president will advance his agenda by any means possible. Since Cap & Trade failed to pass the Senate, he will get his environmental justice by going around Congress using the EPA. 

You must keep the EPA out of our affairs because we need jobs, and we're not going to get jobs with an out of control EPA that's in our way.

EPA’s regulations are unrivaled in the harm they pose to America’s economy. They will regulate every aspect of American life. They are going to impose job crushing regulations on the coal industry causing energy bills to go through the roof. They are trying to regulate farm dust and trying to put farmers out of business. They are going after hunters and fishermen by regulating ammunition and lead sinkers. To what ends? It appears that the EPA wants everyone to starve and freeze to death. 

The desire growing across the country would be to abolish the EPA. This would save our country
much needed money. It would reduce the size of this monster Government, save millions of jobs
and rid business of crushing regulations. Either abolish the EPA or drastically cut their budget
and remove their power given to them by this Administration. 

This abuse of power and overreach must be stopped by you! Do we have a President who truly believes that "The ends justify the means"? Ask yourselves that question, and then, please ACT on behalf of the American People!  

Abolish! Department of Education 

Dear Representative,

The time has come to abolish the Department of Education! 

The Department of Education was created as a straight political payoff to the teacher's unions by President Jimmy Carter (in return for their 1976 endorsement). 

Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education in 1979 under pressure from the National Education Association, and other teachers' unions. Reagan came into office in 1980 promising to abolish it. He called it Jimmy Carter's little boondoggle. Unfortunately, he was not able to abolish it.

Abolishing the Department of Education could save billions of dollars and reduce the size and scope of Government!  It has grown to be a giant money wasting, political payoff operation. 

It is a crazy system. We spend hundreds of billions of dollars on K-12 education now, the federal taxpayers have, over 40 years. And the test scores, have been absolutely flat for decades. So, obviously, you know, all this money is not helping.

The Education Department is a giant pit of waste!  A big black hole that we keep pouring money into with zero results. Government bureaucrats have created reams of paperwork for teachers and administrators, pushed curricula like bilingual education & sex education for 5 year olds. In schools across America we have also witnessed teachers pushing propaganda on the most vulnerable among us. This is unacceptable!  The department's web site lists hundreds of programs that bear little to no relation to schooling. 

There is no accountability. There are no consequences for failure, except perhaps, requests for even greater funding next year. 

The Department of Education is a joke. It is failing our children and failing our country!


The time is now to voice our opposition to any funding by taxpayers of America to the United Nations. The UN is anti-American and anti-freedom. We must insist that our Representatives defund this organization immediately and ask them to move the UN out of the United States. If we do not, they will assure our loss of Freedom! It is time to stand up America! Please send the letter below to your state representatives often! 

Letter # 1

Dear Representative/Senator

I would like you to take the time to read the following quote from many years ago. I believe that it rings true even more so today! 

Barry Goldwater Quote: "The time has come to recognize the United Nations for the anti-American, anti-freedom organization that it has become. The time has come for us to cut off all financial help, withdraw as a member, and ask the United Nations to find headquarters location outside the United States that is more in keeping with the philosophy of the majority of voting members, someplace like Moscow or Peking."

With all of the serious economic problems we face today, I was thinking of a perfect way to save millions of dollars and help our country in the process. We MUST rid our nation of the Anti-American United Nations. It is an albatross around our neck, taking millions of much needed dollars that our nation could use much more wisely. 

They take our money in one hand and bash us over the head with the other, with suggestions that we are a bad Country. The Human Rights Council is investigating us for race issues, and Our President put us in this position and that is unacceptable.

We are being judged by such nations as North Korea, Cuba, China and Iran! Nations that have deplorable records of human rights abuses. How dare they! How dare our President do this to America. Yet, they still come to us with their hands open for our dollars. They are pushing for the now false climate scam to get even more of our money. They are anti-gun, anti parental rights, want to control our nations waters and are pushing Agenda 21 for sustainable development. They are against EVERYTHING American and everything this country stands for.

If other nations are getting something out of the UN, let them pay for it. We shouldn't pay millions of dollars to provide a platform for unshaven and uninformed idiots to rail against America.

We want the United Nations de-funded and we want them OUT of this Country! 

It is time!  


Letter # 2

Dear Representative,

The American People are writing to you today with a demand! We believe that unspeakable things are taking place in our Country and it is up to you to Protect and Defend this Nation and her People!  


The House Committee on Un-American Activities (HCUA) or House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), 1938-1975 was an investigative committee of the United States House of Representatives. In 1969, the House changed the committee's name to "House Committee on Internal Security". When the House abolished the committee in 1975, its functions were transferred to the House Judiciary Committee. The committee investigated alleged disloyalty and subversive activities on the part of private citizens, public employees, and those organizations suspected of having Communist ties.   

The American people know what is happening. We are much more aware than you realize. We see where this Administration is leading us and we DEMAND you stop it! You must do this now if we are to survive as a Free Republic and a Sovereign Nation! 


Dear Senator/Representative,

I write to you all today with a profound sense of fear in my heart for our nation, for our individual liberties and for our Constitution. 

The time has come to start Impeachment Proceedings against President Obama. 

The Impeachment process was created to protect the country from tyranny. We have been witness to numerous acts of contempt of court, breach of official oath and possible seditious activities by this President over the past 2 years. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!
Congress, are you now irrelevant? It appears that you are becoming irrelevant more and more every day! If everything this man has done over the past 2 years is allowed to stand and you do nothing to remove this man, pack your bags and go home because we are now under Tyrannical Rule by a Dictator.  
If anyone in Washington still cares about this Country at all, you will DO SOMETHING! You will expose the agenda of the radical elements in this country for what they are. We have a White House that takes its orders from Unions, that coordinates with Socialist/Communist Groups. Normal Americans see this Administration for what it is. We know that they are out to destroy our current form of government and impose upon us all a rigid, hypocritical, hate-filled theocracy where an elite, powerful minority can impose its will on those who do not think and believe as they do.

You are being called upon to make a decision that goes beyond a district, a state and your own ideology. You are being called upon to protect my rights, my country and my Constitution. We DEMAND you begin Impeachment proceedings against this President. We DEMAND you start them now before it is too late for all of us.

Here are the things he can be Impeached on: 

1. He has violated his oath to defend the US Constitution by exercising powers forbidden by the Constitution. 

2. He has used public money to purchase private companies. 

3. He has illegally tried to use public money to create publicly owned companies. 

4. He has taken public money allocated by Congress, for rescuing distressed private financial institutions, and used it to purchase automobile manufacturing companies. 

5. He has given our public money to finance foreign automobile companies. 

6. He has given our public money to a foreign state to finance their state-run oil company while refusing to allow us to develop our own oil resources. 

7. He has violated the principle of balance of powers by usurping Congress’ role of law maker. 

8. He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good. 

9. He has ignored the laws protecting us from the insolvency of financial institutions. 

10. He has demanded and implemented Tax-and-Spend laws that inevitably lead to economic collapse. 

11. He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by appointing a judge to the Supreme Court, based not on ability to interpret the Constitution, but on radical ideology and color of skin. 

12. He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent swarms of Czars to harass our people and further destroy our freedoms. 

13. He has violated the balance of powers by appointing Czars, with far reaching powers who are accountable to no one but himself. 

14. He has as a matter of patronage stolen private industries from shareholders and given them to workers’ unions. 

15. He has substantially benefited his political financial supporters by giving public money to foreign industries. 

16. He has arranged very large unscrupulous deals with private companies to exchange public money for his political advertising. 

17. He has attempted to create a public industry, a health insurance company, that would compete with existing and similar private industries in open defiance of the consent of the people, and the letter and intent of the Constitution. 

18. He has attempted to abolish freedom of speech by setting up an illegal reporting system for recording the names of dissenters and by publicly attacking private citizens who oppose him. 

19. He has counted illegal aliens as citizens to skew his standing with Congress. 

20. He has illegally fired Inspectors General, who found wrong-doing with his political cronies. 

21. He has attempted to insert himself into even the most personal life experience, our end of life care. 

22. He has attempted to refuse to pay for medical treatment for wounded soldiers. 

23. He has refused his assent to Laws of Congress, exercising false powers of veto, that are contrary and insubordinate to the Constitution. 

24. He has contradicted and violated the rule of law regarding bankruptcy after forcing the failure of one of our largest automakers. 

25. He has appointed a Secretary of State who is ineligible for office. 

26. He has attempted to force all citizens into mandatory servitude to the government. 

27. He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our lands, the merciless Islamo-fascist terrorists whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions. 

28. He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their Public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures. 

29. He has combined with Communist, Socialists and Fascists to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our American character, and unacknowledged by our laws, giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation. 

30. He has, in collusion with an insolent and irresponsible Congress, imposed Taxes against our consent not only on us, but also on our beloved children and our grandchildren denying them any representation. 

31. He has nullified parts of our Constitution, abolishing our most valuable Laws and altering fundamentally our Form of Government. 

In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms. Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated insults and injuries. A President whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant is unfit to be the Chief Executive of a free people. 

Will you sit by and let this country be destroyed? Who in Congress cares enough? Anyone? Where is OUR George Washington? We are waiting for OUR HERO!  
Please, take a stand!  We DEMAND that you do! 

           Undo the United Nations!

      Letter for Impeachment Proceedings!